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Trust Us. This dating website is the good one.

We are a new initiative that brings extremely sexually active people together. Our mandate is to create a dating web site free of scams, like monthly payment, the use of fake members, deceptive strategies, etc... We will probably be the unique dating website 100% real and 100% safe.

No membership

We will never sell you a membership. Every member will register for FREE. You will be able to see all the members, all the profiles and all the activities. Only a couple of options will request credits. Credits are not membership and the member who wants to use credits, will keep control over them.

No recurring

We don't sell memberships so no recurring! It’s an important factor because, usually, a normal dating website tries to get your credit card information and tries to start a recurring payment on your card. Once you give your credit card information to one of these websites, it’s very hard to cancel the monthly payments after. Here, you will never experiment a problem like that.

No fake strategy

Everybody knows, many adult dating websites use fake games in order to have you committing to a membership. Many of them use fake members, fake messages and fake strategies. They sell a dream and after, the poor client starts a recurring membership payment. Here, there is nothing fake and we only present the truth.

We Are Simple

It is useless to make simple things complicated. In the end, you just want to meet people and satisfy your needs. We developed a simple technology that provides the main options necessary in order to put people in contact.

Sign Up For FREE

Registration is free to have access to the site. You can see all the members, all profiles content without using any credit card. There is no monthly monetary obligation in MeetNympho.

Complete your profile

In only 5 minutes, you can complete your entire profile. It is very simple. After, you'll be able to find your Nympho in our database.

Find your Nympho

To find your Nympho, you can do a simple research or an advanced research. You can search Nympho by age, by city, by sexual desires, by sexual orientation etc.

Establish Contact

Once you have found the right Nympho, simply make contact, and wait for a response.


Our Members Is Located

It's no secret we are a new dating site. However, we want to do things the right way. We recruit our members city by city, state by state, and eventually, country by country. For now, we are focusing on the United States. Below you can see our next recrutement campaigns and the dates when we will be advertising in more countries.

Mike Johnson

19,75 millions of population

New York
01 May 2016

Jessica Specter

6,745 millions of population

10 May 2016

Lynda Smith

626,042 of population

20 May 2016

Lynda Smith

1,329 millions of population

30 May 2016

Why do we recruit members
state by state?

By organizing the strategy this way, the members will always be surrounded by other members. To start, we will develop states close to each other, so members will find other members within a reasonable distance.

Why did we created MeetNympho

Because we are Nympho too!

This is not a secret, we create this website because we love sex. We love it so much that we go all the time on internet to look for cool adult web sites. But all we ever found, was deception. We are programmer and we work in web marketing, so we thought, why not create our own website! Cheap one, A Real One! A one that we will enjoy too! So we created Meet Nympho!

By creating this website, we are giving to the community a nice element to find and connect with real sex partners!


Our Amazing Features

To offer an ideal and designed to be practical environment, we developed a list of indispensable "features". In addition, we are open to new ideas, if you have anything to propose, please write to us. We want the website to be functional, friendly user, unique and creative.


We will never ask our member to fill up an endless profile. We only want you to answer the most important questions.

  • Create your profile quickly
  • Only the essential information
  • Easy to browse other profiles


Our advanced research tool allows you to find exactly the person that you looking for.

  • Search by age and distance
  • Search by sexual, level
  • Find the perfect members


Whichever the mobile phone you are using, our technology is ready to be use on any intelligent phone.

  • Use on your mobile
  • 100% responsive
  • Very user friendly


We never ask you personal questions, so you will never be in danger. Even if, for example, our database is being hacked, you will be protected.

  • Keep your profile private
  • Control who messages you
  • Control who searches you


Our members can chat with each other in a chat room

  • Meet in real time other members
  • Easy to discuss
  • See members by criteria


Our Forum allows you to ask question, starts conversation and discuss about nymphomania.

  • Ask and reply questions
  • Talk about subjects
  • Give your opinion


You can present your fantasy and propose it to other members. Make your dream come true in the fantasy area.

  • Present your fantasy online
  • Find a member to likes it
  • Make your dream come true


You want to propose something or sell it? Maybe you are looking for something in specific, like for example, maybe you want to create an even. All this information can be found in our classified zone!

  • Buy or sell something
  • Reach for many members
  • For the members only
We are Nymphomania
We are Sex Addict
We are Sexaholics

— and we very love that —

How it works

We are totally transparent

As mentioned, we offer no monthly subscription. We do not conduct any monthly charge on your credit card, we do not store any credit card information. We will never be in contact with your banking information. So how do you charge? We use a credit system. Only 5 actions demand credits. In all cases, it costs almost nothing, only a few pennies. This allows us to offer this quality technology, to recruit as many members as possible and create a dating community for high quality adult. Here, you will never expose false records that forces you to sign up for a monthly plan to respond to their message. You will never have to fight with us to unsubscribe because no charges will be billed to your card automatically. You are in complete control of the situation. Made us confidence, try meetnympho.

1$ USD = 75 Credits and more (because we get bonus)

Start a conversation

A request to start a conversation with another member, will cost you credits. Has long as your conversation stays open, there will be no more charge.

Chat Room

To access the chat room for 24 hours, it will cost you credits. It's better like that, because you paid only for your use.

Present your fantasy

If you see a member's fantasy that you are welling realize, it will cost you credits to propose to that member to realize it.

Add Classified

If you want to add a ad into or classified section, it will cost you credit.

Our Numbers

Some of the cool facts about us

Open country
States open

We have to present the number of females because, at the end, they are the most popular.

Our Stats

Directly from the server

Here you can see our actual statistics. These stats are automatically updated by the server. Make sure you refresh your page before consultation in order to see our newest stats.

People who loves people of the other sex

People who love people of the same sex

Two people in a relationship straight, gay or bi-sexual.

TV = Transvestite
CD = Cross dresser
TS = Transexual
TG = Transgender

21 (29%)
41 (55%)
2 (3%)
Gay M
1 (2%)
Gay W
1 (2%)
Bi Man
0 (0%)
Bi Woman
0 (0%


Keep In Touch

For any reason, feel free to contact us and we will reply you as soon as possible.