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Also called « hypersexuality » or « compulsive sexuality », nymphomania affects women as well as men. They feel a constant need to satisfy deep sex drive, whoever the partner is, whatever the partner's physical appearance is or whatever fantasies the partner has. In most cases, the partner's pleasure is the priority.

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Aimee, 23 yo, Washington, DC

I am a very shy girl, it was never easy for me to tell someone about my desires in person... now with its very easy for me to chat and webcam with people and explore my wildest desires... now I have the perfect ice breaker to meet people.. I get a preview on the webcam and go meet the ones that turn me on in person..

28 April 2012

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Suzanne, 45 yo, New-York, NY

I am a business women that hardly has any time for myself nor to invest in building a realationship.. being 45, always on the road and in my sexual prime, i wasnt getting what i want!! i love to whip myself on webcam and whatch a man who knows how to make me wet by strocking his swollen cock!! thx meetnymphos for helping me get what i so despretely need...

1 May 2012

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Allison, 19 yo, Miami, FL

I discovered recently that i was a nimphomaniac and i was looking for a site with real people that had the same passion as i did.. was refferred to me by one of my bisexual girlfriends and she was right!! now i am fullfilling my needs and greatest fantasies.. if you havent tried it girls dont wait any longer you are missing out!!

4 May 2012

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Karen, 26 yo, San Francisco, CA

I am recently divorced and just got new breast implants. I am very disapointed by men my age... I cant seem to find one that can satisfie my needs. I am ready to meet older men of experience to show me things that i have never seen before... I strongly believe that older is better!!

20 April 2012

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Jennifer, 23 yo, Boston, MA

I usually fuck 12 times a week.. i was getting bored of the routine and wanted to try something new.. there are a lot of things i had never before i found this site. I thought i had tried pretty much everything. Now i can explore all kinds of new things with this awsome site. Right now im trying to find a big black snake thats too big to fit in my tight asshole.

17 April 2012